MOBscan is a web application for identifying relaxase MOB families. It uses the hmmscan function of the HMMER3 software suite (Eddy, 2011) to search against MOBfamDB, a curated relaxase profile HMM database. If you find it useful for your work, please cite it as:

Garcillán-Barcia M.P., Redondo-Salvo S., Vielva L., de la Cruz F. (2020) "MOBscan: Automated Annotation of MOB Relaxases". In: de la Cruz F. (eds) Horizontal Gene Transfer. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2075. Humana, New York, NY

MOBfamDB construction information

Individual profile HMM files for relaxase families MOBP (T4SS_MOBP1, T4SS_MOBP2, and T4SS_MOBP3), MOBQ (T4SS_MOBQ), MOBH (T4SS_MOBH), MOBC (T4SS_MOBC), MOBV (T4SS_MOBV), and MOBB (T4SS_MOBB) have been retrieved from the TXSScan suite (Abby et al., 2016).

New profile HMMs were built for MOBF, MOBT, and MOBM families from seed multiple sequence alignments generated with MUSCLE v3.8.31 (Edgar, 2004) by using the hmmbuild function of HMMER3.